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WebArtisan offers a range of services ranging from analysis through to design and implementation.  Prior to accepting any consulting service work, an experienced WebArtisan account manager will discuss the project design and scope with the customer to establish a clear understanding of what is required.  A detailed quote will then be prepared that contains a statement of scope and the terms and conditions that are associated with the services being provided.

WebArtisan adheres to a strict privacy policy to ensure your ideas are protected regardless of whether youproceed formally or not. If you still have concerns about protecting your idea, there is no obligation to provide detailed information. During the early stages of discussion you can choose to articulate your ideas in terms of core functionality.  In most cases this will be enough to help us scope an initial design for an initial quotation..

There are two pricing options that are available to our customers.  These include;

  • Time and materials
  • Fixed price contracts

Regardless of the pricing option chosen, a detailed quote will be provided that articulates exactly what software and documentation will be provided and the timeframes for delivery.

The cost of developing an application can range anywhere from $3000 to $300,000+.  Of course costs vary widely and are totally dependent on the scope and complexity of your requirements presented. Scope can of course be tailored to help you build an application that meets your needs while attaining a suitable budget.

Development timeframes can vary from application to application depending on the complexity and the availability of resources within WebArtisan at that time. Our experience tells us that it often takes a number of weeks to agree and document project scope and to document the functional design of the application that is being developed.  This is an extremely important component of the overall project as it ensures that the customer’s expectations are aligned with the product that WebArtisan will develop.

Once functional design is agreed, development, testing and implementation can be performed in as little as 4 weeks (depending on the size of the application of course!) meaning that an application development lifecycle from inception to delivery can be completed within 3 months.

All our clients with have special access to an 24/7 online My Projects account. This encrypted web service gives our clients the ability to;

  • Access & view scope, design, implementation & testing documentation,
  • Real-time timeframes, progress percentages etc,
  • View contract & legal agreements,
  • Check video progress reports (so you can comment and apply feedback on on how your app is coming along),
  • Online access to source code, graphic & audio master files & of course the final build binary ready for upload to Apple iTunes Connect,
  • You will have the ability to make changes, apply comments & feedback to ensure that all aspects of your project are implemented accordingly.

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