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Amazing X-Ray FX ³

[ALL NEW] The 3rd generation of the World's #1 App Store X-Ray machine has arrived.

The once impossible is now finally a reality in this 3rd generation version.

Experience the World's 1st FULL BODY X-Ray machine with LIVE ORGAN scanning! Never before has it been possible to X-Ray your entire skeleton from head to toe CONTINUOUSLY using REAL-TIME manual control.

Using your iPhone/iPod touch, X-Ray your FULL BODY continuously in REAL-TIME.

All the movements of the X-Ray scanning are controlled by you in real-time, by gently tilting your iPhone/iPod touch over the body area you would like to X-Ray (accelerometer sensor based).  Within minutes you will master the art, so you can completely fool your friends into thinking your iPhone/iPod touch doubles as an incredible FULL BODY, LIVE ORGAN X-Ray machine.

  • 3rd generation technology lets you seamlessly X-Ray FX ³ your entire skeleton, completely in real-time from head to toe using silky smooth accelerometer based movement control.
  • See & hear the heart beat & pulsate within the rib cage with LIVE ORGAN X-Ray.
  • Experience unrivalled X-Ray authenticity, enhanced by a multilayering* 3D Holographic & tunnel vision effect.
  • AUTO-Movement mode:  Perfect for those who don't have the time or patience to master the manual control. Includes adjustable movement speed control.
  • Auto-spatial calibration to allow control at any starting angle.
  • Fully configurable:  X-Ray re-sizing adjustment setting (to match your bone size),
  • Horizontal & vertical movement sensitivity adjustment & directional flip options.
  • Optical phased 3D effect movement interactive main page,
  • X-Ray flickering intensity.
  • Includes a mind blowing Holographic 3D effect on the main page.

...More features COMING SOON as FREE UPDATES.

* NOTE: This app is designed to run on all iPhone/iPod touch models. However, the highest quality settings & the multilayering technique are fully enabled on the following models only: iPhone 3GS, 3rd Gen iPod touch (32GB/64GB) & the upcoming iPhone 4. Due to hardware & memory limitations of all other older devices, the multilayering technique is disabled & the X-Ray quality reduced.

With incredible LIVE ORGAN X-Ray, be amazed as you scan over the chest area to see & hear the HEART BEAT & pulsate within the rib cage! This has to be seen to be believed.

You could start at the SKULL, scan down the NECK & over the CHEST area to see the HEART BEAT & THROB within the RIB CAGE. Then move back up the skeleton towards the SHOULDER blades, continuing on down the length of the ARM, crossing the ELBOW, WRIST & HAND bones. Then head in the direction of the PELVIS, down a LEG, across the KNEE, finishing off at the extremities of the ANKLES & FEET.

With Amazing X-Ray FX 3, you decide where you want to go.

With over 5,000,000 previous generation Amazing X-Ray FX owners, you need to try this ALL NEW 3rd Generation version to see why this continues to be the World's #1 App Store X-Ray machine.

Be blown away by just how realistic this stunning X-Ray looks, a 3D Holographic effect achieved by an advanced multilayering* technique of hi-res X-Ray skeletal bone images, subtly moving in 3D like phased sync. X-Ray authenticity has never been more amazing, completely re-engineered. Included also is the awesome all new LIVE ORGAN X-Ray feature that has to be seen to be believed.  Numerous X-Ray settings are also available including re-sizing, flicker intensity, movement sensitivity & directional flip options.

You will swear this is the real deal.

Amazing X-Ray FX ³ : Get the World's 1st & largest FULL BODY X-Ray machine with LIVE ORGAN scanning today. The expressions of shock & awe on your friends & families faces will be priceless.

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