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X-Ray FX LIVE Camera

Use your actual iPhone CAMERA to LIVE X-Ray
your skeleton!

Finally it's possible…use your actual iPhone CAMERA to LIVE X-Ray your skeleton. Camera X-Ray your hands, feet, chest, pelvis, knees & even your skull.

This is the world's first fully augmented virtual reality X-Ray CAMERA (with COMPASS directional sensor locking) that you can use to completely fool your friends into thinking your iPhone doubles as a full skeleton live camera X-Ray machine.

By combining live, real world video from your iPhone camera with the incredible X-Ray scanning FX engine, you will swear this is the real deal.

You control all movements of the X-Ray camera scanning in real-time, by gently tilting your iPhone over the selected body area you would like to X-Ray (accelerometer sensor based). Within minutes you will master the art of live X-Ray camera control, ready to have fun with it.

iPhone 3GS owners who are equipped with the compass sensor (magnetometer) will have exclusive access to the 'Compass' Directional Sensor Locking feature. With it, you have the ability to lock bones into the virtual reality directionally as you manually control the live camera scan.


  • Use the actual CAMERA or your iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS to live X-Ray FX your skull, chest, hands (from finger tips to elbow), pelvis, knees & feet skeleton bones,
  • iPhone 3GS owners have the additional compass directional sensor (magnetometer) locking feature, to fix the X-Ray bones in virtual reality so that you can rotate the device 360° & they stay directionally in position,
  • Silky smooth real-time accelerometer based movement control,
  • Tilt direction flip. In manual tilt control mode, you can now optionally flip the horizontal and/or vertical tilt direction if you find that more natural,
  • Amazing LIVE CAMERA X-Ray scanning complete with a tunnel wicked vision effect,
  • X-Ray camera intensity setting adjustment,
  • X-Ray resizing adjustment setting (to match your bone size),
  • X-Ray flickering intensity setting adjustment,
  • Movement sensitivity adjustment (both horizontal & vertical settings),
  • Cool 3D holographic effect title page.
  • Tap to lock X-Ray in position feature (allowing compass directional rotation),
  • Auto-spatial calibration (so you can control at any starting angle, not just flat),
  • All settings are dynamically saved for next time you use the app,
  • High quality audio FX & more.

... All future updates & enhancements are FREE!


Numerous X-Ray camera settings are also available (X-Ray re-sizing, CAMERA X-Ray intensity, flicker intensity, movement sensitivity & directional flip options etc).

Auto-movement mode is also available for a quick live camera X-Ray bone scan. Simply turn it on & follow the movement path. Comes complete with adjustable movement speed control.


Get the ALL NEW Amazing X-Ray FX : LIVE Camera with COMPASS directional locking & "See how beauty is only skin deep".

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