Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting Service

  • view faq  Will WebArtisan keep my application ideas private and confidential?

    WebArtisan adheres to a strict privacy policy that can be accessed here.  The policy outlines the information we will gather, how it will be used, how it is secured and how the policy conforms to data privacy and confidentiality laws.

    WebArtisan does not disclose any customer conversations to any person or organisation.

  • view faq  What if I have a small application idea. Will WebArtisan take on a project like this?
    WebArtisan would appreciate the opportunity to quote on a project regardless of its size.  Generally, the work that WebArtisan takes on is medium to large applications that occupy the majority of the teams resources however there are often opportunities to take on smaller projects from time to time.
  • view faq  Once WebArtisan develops an application for me, who owns the intellectual property?
    Two different development options exist for customers.
    1. Where an application is being created through the reuse and customisation of existing WebArtisan intellectual property, WebArtisan generally retains the intellectual property to the application and supplies the customer with the deployable application but not the source code.
    2. Where a custom application is developed based on a customers specific requirements, the customer will generally own the intellectual property.

    These options are discussed and negotiated with the customer and clearly articulated in the terms and conditions which form part of the contract between WebArtisan and the customer.

  • view faq  Do I have to disclose my application idea to WebArtisan to obtain a quote?

    If you would prefer not to disclose your application ideas, you can elect to describe your application in terms of functionality.  For example, the number of screens, a description of the type of processing they each perform, and a description of the graphical interface you envisage and its complexities.  This information will allow WebArtisan to prepare a quotation and only once agreement is reached on the terms of the services to be provided will detailed application information be required.

  • view faq  How will I be informed of the progress of my application?

    WebArtisan maintains detailed project schedules for every customer that are accessible to the customer.  All documentation that is delivered as part of the consultancy will be available via WebArtisans project management interface for your perusal throughout the project.  All feedback and documentation sign-off will be maintained via this interface.

  • view faq  Will WebArtisan design graphics, logos and websites to complement my application?

    WebArtisan have specialised graphical designers and are more than happy to undertake this type of work.  The team has also developed numerous complex e-commerce websites and will be happy to include the creation of these artifacts in the quotation that is prepared for our customers.